Warning: I'm a lil bit hyper now ~ xD here we go =w= : *sings failish xD* They wanna do some smex ~ =w= They should go in a room ~ =w= Omg, Crow looks so serious.. O_o looks smexy ~ *Q* uuuhh..Whoopsi ~ =w= So: OMG! Dx Yukiko looks so damn ugly!! Dx The original was a Crow X YUUSEI picture! How I hate this "couple" ô_o & Yuusei had BOOBS! O_O ..Is there something we should know, Fudo?! -w- xD Anyways...Crow turned out good! xD but only cause I painted him with his original colours ê.e &..the BG looks also good! =w= made by me ~ =w= Feathers ~ *w* xD I had lots of problems eding this crapy picture Dx first: Yuusei's stupid hairs & then Yukiko's stupid hairs! X.x & then I said: "GOSH, this f*cking picture is craping me out!! -w-" ..& then I went to bed..e.e xD she looks...dunno..just ugly..-w- even the effects couldn't save the picture =__=" Boys are stupid to turn them into girls -w- exept they have boobs, just like Yuusei ôwô Yeah, I'm talking trash ~ =w= that's my hobby ~ xD *sings failish again* I wish I could edit better, but I'm to stupid ~ =w= ok..I'll come to the end: IT'S A FAIL! =w= The master talked -w- *dam dam daaaaaam ~* one thing: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TO STEAL THIS OR THE PNG VERSION!! OR I'LL BE THE HELL ON EARTH!!! -w- Omg, I wrote to much ô_ô ..WOOT ~ xD