Hello! Here is Chi Chi Kawashima 8D The mother from Esme & Aynor. Thehe i really like her :) at this picture she looks like an angel, a sweetheart, haha but she isnt so, TOTALLY NOT! XD she is hyperactive, bitchi (not with other mans, just irritating) loud, laugh much but she can me nice, wise and cute too. 8D Chi Chi works with Nanako in the Hospital, theyre both medical-"ninjas" XD yeah i really dont know what to say more. I think more informations will come in other picutres or so XD but believe me - you dont want to know the life from this mom XD this "beauty-qeen" how she calls herself XD hope you like her 8D ah yeah - she has big boobs XD just as ever, if you want to know more just ask me 8D