i really, REALLY wanted a Bad-RPC, cause i have just good-noobs ._. AND HERE HE IS! 8D I LIKE HIM! - This is Xin Wu Mikawa, you can call him Xin Wu, or Xin, or Wu 8D Mikawa is his familyname. Yeah lets start! - Xin is the son from Nana's Brother (Nana = Inuyasha's Mother) Xin's father died after Xin's Born in a Mission, and Xin's Mom died at his Birth. He dont have siblings or something, but he dont need them cause he is a person that wanted to be alone. Xin grew up in an orphanage, as he was 16 he fled, and lived free. He isnt from a village, he is there, and there, and there, a few months there, a few days there, bla bla you know what i mean. He is strong, not the strongest, but strong, he have really much power. His special Jutsu is the Whater (every Clan-Member, but Nana cant use it XD) he transfrom them to "knifes" and can steal the chakra from the other Person, a few can die, and a few are unconscious. He use it mosten to kill someone. When he get mad or angry his eyes turned into Black holes and cant control hisself. Emme yeah, he is 21 years old, he will die with 50 (Kiyoshi will kill him) At his personality: He is really a bullhead, stubborn, laugh at things that are not funny, he love it when someone suffers, one who thinks everything is boring, wants action & adventures, dont smile (its a surprise when he smiles) but he can be (rare) grateful and nice. Ah yeah, he is still in contact with Nana, but he see her only 1 time in the month, he loves her, she is like a Mom for him. I think thats his single contact-person. Yeah for the beginning i think you know enough 8D I HOPE YOU LIKE HIM! *-* ah yeah that scar in his face is from his "meal" he wanted to eat a.. okay i think ill stop XD