NO HES NOT HIS REAL GRANDPA! XD // listen to this song and read this (like entertaining 8D) - - // Noru was born with a heart disease. As he was 5 the Doctors telled his Parents that he cant be 30. They appreciate even that he cant be 25. And they didnt know that Noru listen that all. Then Noru goes to the Hokage (he loved him, he calls him every time "Grandpa") and asked him "Grandpa.. must i really die?" and starts crying. The Hokage telled him that everyone must die, and when he die, he will be in a better Place, where it is beautiful, where he can just smile, laugh and be happy. Noru wiped his tears and hugged him "Thank you, Grandpa!". Since that Noru dosnt care what it is with him. He cares about others. About his family, friends. But at the day, where the Hokage died, he changed. His Heart started to hurt - but only briefly. 1 time in the Year he has like a "Heart-Shock" he can not breathe, his eyes be red, and he falls down. After a week in the Hospital, hes better. Yeah. that about his disease. XD But now this dosnt interest Noru, cause he takes care about the family, his crush, his friends. He want that they are happy, that they smile. Thats why he dosnt tell anyone that he has this disease. Cause he dont want to see them sad. Or that they treat him like a sick one. After his death they will know about it. Noru will die with 26. (: I hope you like it 8D