yeah finally a pic 8D SORRY! FOR NOT BEING ACTIVE! D: qwq i hope you guys dont forget me D: emm yeah i was in the mood to edit a rainy picture.. and i failed.. so hard -.- damn hell my life -.-' okay he was talking to a friend from him. they were really good friends he was his best friend, but one day his friend changed the side and went to the dark side D: - they have cookies 8D - emm yeah and the bad guys (idk the name) wanted to kill kiyoshi, and they wanted that his FRIEND (in korean CHINGU 8D i know.. i dosnt interest you -.- XD) must kill him.. than it ended so, kiyoshi cried in the rain and was waiting for the prince (kiss in the rain *-*) ok im not funny sorry.. emm he looked at him and said: "im disappointed from you.." and this means a lot.. really much. that means "you are finaly dead for me!!" okay i know its a bad story D: i hope you like it -.-