I LOVE IT! - Story copied from Jazz D: // Xin & Sumato; - They haven't known each other for a long time. But they are already very good friends. Sumato is the only friend from Xin & Sumato will be always there for him; he promised it! Xin understands Sumato very well; that's why Sumato likes him so much. He's happy in his presence. They just meet every day and talk about themselves every time. --- One day they were attacked by four men. - I don't know what kind of men; maybe a very bad and strong organisation? :D But NOT Akatsuki ewe' xD - So they have fought each other... After a long time Xin and Sumato were able to killed two of them. But now they are very exhausted as you can see & they still have to overcome two of them. They've already released they ''fightmode? xD'' - Xin in his mode, when he is mad/angry & Sumato in his first demon-level-mode. - And they won't give up! Only together they are strong enough to defeat them. And usually Sumato fight always alone. So it's very new for him! xD But he'll protect Xin.. :) - what a touching story! qwq xD ♥ (Sumato belongs to Lollipop_Shana_xD :3) - Sumato looks tall on this picture D: But he is much smaller than Xin! :D Xin is 1,93m; so he is 20cm taller o.o OMG! XD // I LOVE IT! *-*